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Free knitted beanie pattern...perfect for a handmade Mother's Day gift!

❤️The lots of hearts beanie ❤️

During the covid-19 isolation that we are all experiencing I seem to gravitate towards yarn projects that are easy with repetitive, simple stitches and importantly fast results. There is too much going on to worry about complex patterns! One of my favourite foolproof project is a beanie and with the weather cooling in Australia it's a perfect #wip. I designed "The lots of hearts beanie" to be an oversized, floppy winter hat with a wide ribbing using bulky sized yarn.  I think it's a perfect beginner knitting project to help you unwind at the end of the day.  So pick up your circulars or double pointed needles and join me in making a sweet beanie for yourself or a loved one (Mother's Day is coming up ..hint hint 😉).  

P.S You can play around with colour combinations, add a funky pom pom or keep it simple with just one row of hearts. Don't forget to tag me on @yarn_tales_by_karla, #lotsofheartsbeanie so I can see your creations. 

The printable pdf pattern is available on my ravelry (
 If you are not a knitter you can purchase my ready made beanies on my Etsy shop (


Chunky weight yarn (12 ply; I used Patons Inca Yarn)                  
94 m (103 yds) MC
20 m (22 yds) CC
4.5 mm circular needles for ribbing
5.5 mm circular needles for the body of hat
Yarning needle
Pom pom (optional)
**Note: you may prefer to work with double pointed needles (dpns). If using circulars, you may also find it easier to switch to dpns when shaping the crown.
1x1 Ribbing
TIP: For a more fitted beanie use Aran weight yarn (10 ply). 


8sts and 10 rounds= 2” (5cm) in 1 X 1 ribbing (4.5mm needles)


Using 4.5mm needles and MC CO 80 sts. PM and join to first st to begin working in the round, making sure you do not twist sts.


1st heart motif
Round 1-14:* K1, P1* repeat until the end of the round (80).
Ribbing should measure ~3” (~7.6 cm)

Body of Hat

Switch to 5.5 mm needles.

Follow instructions below or refer to heart chart
Round 1: K1 in every st.
Begin first heart motif. 
Round 2: K4 in MC, join CC and K1, *K9 in MC, K1 in CC* repeat 6 x, K5 in MC till end of round (80). 
Round 3: K3 in MC, K3 in CC, *K7 in MC, K3 in CC* repeat 6 x, K4 in MC (80).
Round 4: K2 in MC, K5 in CC, *K5 in MC, K5 in CC* repeat 6 x K3 in MC (80).
Keep floats loose!
Round 5: K2 in MC. K2 in CC, K1 in MC, K2 in CC *K5 in MC, K2 in CC, K1 in MC, K2 in CC* repeat 6 x. K3 in MC (80).
You will know have 8 hearts, each separated by K5 in MC (from the top of the heart).
**NOTE: Carry CC yarn throughout your work. Make sure your floats are long (ie. carry yarn every 7 sts). This will make sure your hearts do not look tight (see Picture).
Round 6-7: K all in MC (80)
Begin second heart motif 
Round 8:  *K9 in MC, K1 in CC* repeat x 7, ending with a K1 in CC (80). 
Round 9: K1 in CC, K7 in MC, K3 in CC. *K7 in MC, K3 in CC* repeat x 5. K5 in MC, K2 in CC (80).
2nd heart motif
Round 10: K2 in CC. K5 in MC, K5 in CC. *K5 in MC K5 in CC* repeat x5.  K5 in MC, K3 in CC (80).
Round 11:  K2 in CC, K5 in MC. K2 in CC, K1 in MC, K2 in CC. *K5 in MC, K2 in CC, K1 in MC, K2 in CC* repeat 5 x. K5 in MC, K2 in CC, K1 in MC (80).
Round 12-15: K all st (80).
Your beanie should now measure ~6” (15.2 cm) from the bottom of the ribbing.
You will know start shaping the crown of your beanie by K2tog decreases.
Round 16: *K8, K2tog* until the end of round (72).

Round 17: K all st (70)
Round 18: *K7, K2tog* until the end of round (64).
Round 19: K all st (64).
Round 20: *K6, K2tog* until the end of round (56).
Round 21: K all st (56).
Round 22: *K5, K2tog* until the end of round (48).
Round 23: K all st (48).
Round 24: *K4, K2tog* until the end of round (40).
Round 25: K all st (40).
Round 26: *K3, K2tog* until the end of round (32).
Round 27: K all st (32).
Round 28: *K2, K2tog* until the end of round (24).
Play with different yarn colours!
Round 29: K all st (24).
Round 30: *K1, K2tog* until the end of round (16).
Round 31: K all st (16).
Round 32: K2 tog till end of the round (8).
FO and with a yarning needle pull yarn through remaining sts, fasten, weave ends and you are done!


MC main colour
CC contrast colour
P purl
Add a colourful pom pom or keep it simply
sweet with one row of hearts!🥰
St stitch
CO cast on
FO finish off
PM place marker
K2tog knit two together 

Heart Chart