How to make Crochet Slippers from Flip Flops!

Make a cute bunny ear headband in 20 min!

Quick and easy Easter bunny ears 🐰

With the current covid-19 health crisis you will be forgiven if Easter has been put in the back burner.  BUT if you are a mum, as I am, the kids have not forgotten that Easter means chocolate egg hunts. Yep I almost forgot that the bunny was coming! To make the most of it we have searched for decorations at home and found some crochet goodies I made last year.  I also found some pipe cleaners that I thought I can turn into something. And yep with some spare yarn, headband and my hook I made a bunny ear headband ready for our "Stay at Home" egg hunt. Thanks to the pipe cleaners you can create floppy bunny ears.

With some basic crochet skills you too can make this cheery headband.
Happy Easter to you all!


Less than 20m of white yarn 
Less than 10m of pink yarn
(I used 4 ply spare cotton yarn I had in my stash).
4mm hook
2 pipe cleaners (~4")
Hot glue gun or crafting glue

Abbreviations (US terms)

Panel 1
Sl st   Slip stitch
sc     single crochet
hdc   half double crochet
dc     double crochet
tr      treble crochet
flo    front loop only
bro   back loop only
PM  place marker


With a Texta mark 1" from the botton of the pipe cleaner. Sl st around the pipe cleaner starting at this point.

Panel 2
 Round 1:  sc 20 stitches around the pipe cleaner (Panel 1).
 Chain 1 (this is a turning chain and is not included in your total count).

Round 2:  sc on the blo of every st (20). Chain 1 and continue to sc on the flo of the same stitch. Sl st to the first sc. PM. You are now working on the round (41). Refer to Panel 2.

Round 3: Tr, hdc, tr in the first st. sl st in the next 7 sc. sc in next 3 sc; hdc in next 3 sc; dc in next 3sc; tr in last 3 st before chain 1 of previous round.  3 hdc in chain 1 st. tr in next 3 sc; dc in next 3 sc; sc in next 3 sc, 7 sl st to finish round. Sl st to first st (47). Cut yarn and weave end.

Repeat Rounds 1-3 for second ear

Panel 3

Middle of the ear

With pink yarn make a magic circle.

Note: Chain 1 at the end of each round does not count as a st.

Round 1: 6 sc into magic circle. sl s to first sc. Chain 1 (6).

Round 2: 2sc in every st. Chain 1(12).

Round 3: *2sc in first st, sc in next st*. Repeat until the end of the round. Sl st to first st. Cut yarn (leaving enough for seaming)(18).

Repeat Round 1-3 for second ear.

With yarning needle attach the pink circle to your ear (Panel 4). Twirl the pipe cleaner (you have 1" that was left unworked) around the headband (Panel 5). To secure ears to headband use a hot glue gun or crafting glue.

Panel 4
Panel 5

And you are done! Enjoy and stay safe.