How to make Crochet Slippers from Flip Flops!

My top tips on how to get started and learn crochet!

Do you want to start to crochet but don't know where to start? 

Here are my top tips on how to get your crochet on!

1. You don't have to spend a fortune to get started. 

Purchase a couple of hook sizes which you can get from most craft stores,  supermarkets or ebay for a few dollars ($3-5).  Or why not try your local opportunity/ secondhand shop which would have a range of sizes at a very low cost. So what size hooks should you buy? The hook size you buy will depend on the weight of the yarn you want to work with (ie. how thick your yarn is).  Don't fret the yarn you buy will specify the ideal hook size.  

2. What type of yarn should I be using?

A rainbow of hooks
Purchased on eBay!
There are so many varieties available. Yarn is grouped based on weight and composition (ie. synthetic fibres, natural fibres or blends). For beginners I would recommend yarn that is dk (8ply), worsted (10ply) or aran (12 ply).  A thinner yarn might be frustrating as it will take longer to achieve results (ie the thicker the quicker!). 
Although you might be tempted to buy the cheapest yarn, I would recommend a high premium acrylic, wool/ wool blends or cottons/ cotton blends. This means that the item you end up making will last the distance. Some people might shun acrylic varieties but I think they do have a place in the market. This is because they are affordable, machine washable (specially important for kid items!) and they often come in glorious colours.  
If you are new to the yarn world it's best to start at a craft store (eg. Spotlight, Lincraft) since you can see for yourself the different varieties and weights. Once you are familiarised with the different yarns why not shop online? Give, and a go. Below are some of my favourite yarns that are suitable for beginners (and won't break your bank!). I also added where you can purchase if you reside in Australia. Most are also available online.
I made this cute little Easter bunny
with Patons cotton blend!
Pattern from AmigurumiToday.

Acrylics and Acrylic/wool blends: 
*Paintbox Yarn Simply Aran ( 
Paton Big Baby 8ply (Big W)
Patons Inca (Lincraft)
*Lion brand New Basic  (Spotlight)
Lion brand Wool Ease (Spotlight)
Yarnspiration Cakes (Spotlight)
 * These yarns come in fabulous colours!

Bendigo woollen mills wool. Their wool is available online 
(or your can make a day trip to Bendigo and check out their warehouse!) and sold in 200g balls (that's huge!) and at prices ranging from $12-$16 that's great value.
4 seasons pure wool 8 ply (Spotlight)
Clecheaton country naturals 8 ply wool (Spotlight)
Moda Vera Malibu 8 ply (Spotlight)

Cotton and cotton blends: 
I love working with cotton since its a relative cheap option and a natural fibre.
The Athens Infinity Scarf designed
 by Miranda Gonzales
aka @i_dont_give_a_knit
Patons cotton blend (Spotlight)
Abbey Road Kung Fu cotton (Spotlight)
Lion Brand 24/7 mercerised cotton (Spotlight)
makr cotton 8 ply (Lincraft)
Anette Ericsson eco yarn (Spotlight)
Moda Vera gelato (spotlight)
Moda Vera Craft Tee (Lincraft)

3. If you are like me you learn best by watching others. 

YouTube is an amazing platform to learn your basic stitches.
 My favourite Youtube channels that cater for beginners are:
 Annoo Crochet Designs, Designs by Phanessa, Wooly wonders crochet, Nanna Kate's Crochet, Bella Coco Crochet, Claudette Crochet, HappyBerry Crochet and Heart Hook home.

Looking for  inspiration? Follow crochet designers on Instagram.
 My top pics for inspiration are: @elevendhandmade, @nomadstitches, @littlebudcreation, @sewerella, @littlegoldennook, @thequeenstitch, @katiejonesknit, @kaycrochets and so many more!.  Many will have blogs and Youtube channels which will provide guidance.  And of course Pinterest will have a wealth of ideas and projects to get you excited about crochet.

4. So you are ready to put your basic skills to the test? 

The right project will increase your confidence and avoid frustration. Here are great projects for beginners:

-Infinity scarfs or cowls.
These are great to practice your basic stitches and it won't take you long to complete.

Patterns: Bobbled Pot Holder by In Stitches
Coffee Sleeve designed by Natalya
-The humble granny square. Yes you might think these are daggy but trust me there are some super cute designs and you can use them as coasters or if you get addicted you can seamed them together for a blanket.

-Hot pot holders. These are practical and can be used to master a special stitch such as the bobble stitch which is adorable. 

-Coffee cup sleeves. These make excellent gifts for teacher and easy to make in no time at all.

- Market bags. These are such a great idea as supermarkets are going plastic free. 
The granny square market bag by Fiber Spider is a great beginner pattern (

-Shower puff/ loofah. I have made so many of these! They make great gifts and are pretty basic to make. Check out this video tutorial by the Crochet crowd:

Crocher shower puffs made
with  makr cotton
- Crochet basket. T-shirt yarn or thick cord yarn (such as Bobbiny yarn) is ideal for working a cute basket with basic stitches. Basket Bases Australia ( and Chunky Yarn Barn ( sell wooden basket bases that will make it easier to make a sturdy basket for your trinkets.

5. Up for the challenge?

 Once you are confident in the basics of crochet and its language you are ready to work from a pattern. Ravelry and Lovecrafts websites are a great source of patterns from beginner to advanced skills. Some are available for free and others for purchase. Or you can visit your local library for some crochet books that include patterns.   

Granny chic market bags
designed by Fiber Spider

The possibilities are endless. With the basic skills under your belt you will discover that crochet can be used to make so many items such as: homewares (baskets, blankets, cushion covers), garments (sweaters, tops, skirts, shawls, scarfs, hats), jewellery (earrings are my fave), shoes (use the base of a flip flop and create slippers or sandals), amigurumi etc etc . You can even embellish your own clothes to give them a new look!

Hope I have inspired you to get creative and get crafting!
Stay safe


P.S Do you have any questions, comments? Send me a message. 

Crochet basket are great
for storing your trinkets.