How to make Crochet Slippers from Flip Flops!


What I love about crochet is how versatile it is and the amazing and quirky items you can make with your hook! 

Today I will be walking you through, step-by-step, on how to make your very own "stay home crochet loafers". Not only is this project outside the box but you can up-cycle your pre-loved flip flops (or thongs if you are in Australia) and create something cute and unique.

I also created a podcast on how to make this adorable slippesr so if you prefer to watch me make them head to my YouTube channel!

50g (100m) dk cotton in MC
20g (40m) dk cotton in CC
2mm and 4mm crochet hook
Flip flops
Darning needle
1 A4 piece of paper
Hot glue gun or super glue

Note: The flip flops you use should fit you comfortably. Once you add crochet stitches it will narrow the shoe, so choose flip flops 1/2 a size bigger. Flip flops with soft foamy soles are the best to use so you can easily add crochet stitches.

MC main colour
CC  contrast colour
sc  single crochet
sl st slip stitch
2sctog two single crochet together (decrease st)
PM place marker

Special stitches
Puff st 
[Yarn over, insert hook through stitch, pull up a loop] repeat 6 times. Yarn over and pull through all loops (12) on your hook. Sc to close st (this sc is not part of your st count).
Crab st
This is a cute stitch normally used for edges. It is simply sc in reverse order! That is, begin the round with a sc on the st to your right.

Preparing the sole of your shoe.

1. Cut the rubber straps of your flip flop at the base. You will need large scissors for this.   Keep the buttons/ stubs left behind. With hot glue gun (or super glue), glue these stubs back onto your sole to seal the holes left behind.

2. With the A4 piece of paper and marker trace the sole of your shoe. You will now mark where you will add stitches. Mark dots 1 cm apart all around your sole (and 1cm away from the edge of the shoe). Cut out the shoe template.

3. With a darning needle (should be strong and sharp) and using your template puncture a hole through the foam rubber in the diagonal so that your needle comes out in the middle of your shoe. See clip below. Do this for every dot you have marked.

4. Now we can use a 2 mm hook to create a foundation chain all around the sole which we can build our loafer from. Start adding stitches at the heel of your sole by putting your 2 mm hook through one of the punctured holes. Pull through your MC yarn and sc. Go to next hole and repeat! When you have sc all the way around sl st to first st and PM to mark the start of your round.

5. Sc in every chain created. At the four corners add 2 sc per chain. See Figure 1.  In total I have 60 sts. This will vary depending on your shoe size but don't stress its is easy to customise.

6. Complete 4 rounds of sc in every st. Your work should look like Figure 2.

Figure 1

Set aside stitches for the front, heel and sides.
I allocated 16 sts for the heel, 8 sts for the sides and 28 sts for the front of the shoe. Remember that your shoe should be symmetrical, so divide number of sts evenly per side of the sole. These numbers will vary depending on your shoe size. If this is the case, divide  your stitches to a similar proportion.

Crosses denote the corners of your shoe where you make 2 sc per chain to give more room for toes and heel.

We will now separate stitches into the front, heel and side sections (as shown above). You can use stitch markers to help you visualise the start of each section as seen in Figure 2. Red markers denote the heel section whereas the light blue markers indicate the front section of the shoe. The pink marker is the middle of the shoe and where the Puff stitch motif will begin.

Figure 2

Front of shoe
At this stage you will sc from the beginning of the round to the first Front shoe marker (blue). We will form the front of  the shoe by a series of short rows. 

Row 1:  scblo in all sts. Sl st in next st. Turn. (28)
Row 2: Skip sl st. sc in the next 28 sts. Sl st in next st. Turn. (28)

Row 3: Skip sl st. sc in the next 27 sc. Sl st in last st. Turn.(28).
Row 4 (Puff st row):  Skip sl st. sc 12. Change to CC. Puff St. Change to MC. sc 12, Sl st in last st. Turn. Sk sl st (27).

NOTE: By skipping the sl st we will be reducing 1 st per side of the shoe. 

Row 5:  Skip sl st. sc in every st til second last st. Sl st. Turn (25).

Row 6 (Puff st row):  Skip sl st. sc 10. Change to CC and Puff st. Sc in next st in MC. Puff st in CC. Change to MC and sc in all st til second last st. Turn (24). Sl st and from now on we will stop skipping the last st.
Row  7:  sc 4, 2sctog, sc 11, 2sctog, sc 3, slp st. Turn. (22)
Row 8 (Puff st row): sc 4, 2sctog, sc 5, change to CC and puff st. Change to MC. sc,  2sctog, sc4. Turn. (20). Cut CC and weave end.
Row 9: sc 4, 2sctog, sc 10, 2sctog, sc4 (17)
Row 10:[ sc4, 2sctog] x3 (14)
Row 11-12: sc in every st (14). Cut yarn and weave ends.

With MC re-join yarn on the right side of the shoe as shown in Figure 3. Sc in all sts till the heel marker (circled in pink). Sl st in next st. Turn. 

Figure 3

Row 1: Sk sl st. 16sc. Sl st in next st. Turn. (16)
Row 2: Sk sl st. 14 sc. Sl st. Turn (15)
Row 3-6: Repeat Row 2 x 6 times (8)
Do not cut yarn we will now do a border. 

We will now work in the round
Round 1: Sc in all sts. You may like to do this with CC. When you come to the short rows used to create the front and heel of your shoe,  sc along the sides of the rows (1sc per row)
Round 2: With CC Crab st. in every st. 
Cut yarn and weave ends.

To add a pop of colour I weaved in CC yarn in scblo row as shown in Figure 4.

Voilá! You are done. I hope you get a lot of joy in making this cute loafers, and of course wearing them.

I would love to see your creations! So don't forget to tag me on instagram (@yarn_tales_by_karla, #stayathomecrochetloafers)

Figure 4